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* Single circuit, single stage cooling model on 6 ton


* Single circuit, 2-stage cooling models are available from 7.5 to 10 ton.


• Dual circuit, 2-stage cooling stage models are available from 7.5 to 15 ton.


• EERs up to 11.3 with IEERs up to 13.0


• 2-speed indoor fan motor system automatically adjusts the indoor fan motor speed between cooling stages. Standard on all

558J*08-16D/K units for installation in the United States to meet the Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standard of 2018.  Factory option for all 558J*08-16D/K unit installations outside the United States. 558J*08/09/12/N units meet the DOE 2018 efficiency standard without the 2-speed indoor fan motor system option.


• Standardized components and layout. Standardized components and controls make service and stocking parts easier.


• Scroll compressors on all units. This makes service, stocking parts, replacement, and troubleshooting easier.


• Field convertible airflow (6-12.5 ton). Being able to convert a unit from vertical airflow to horizontal makes it easy to overcome  job site complications. A 15 ton model requires a simple supply duct cover to field convert from factory vertical to horizontal.


• Easy-adjust, belt-drive motor available. There’s no need for field-supplied drives or motors.


• Provisions for bottom or side condensate drain.

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